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Enhancing the reach of your events and getting your business on the path to sustainability, cost effectiveness and efficiency

The Platform

Virtual Main Hall and Lounge

Main Hall & Lounge

The virtual main hall is the entry point for any online event. Here, attendees can do everything they need to become familiar with the online event.

Get familiar

Typically, they can watch a teaser or welcome video which tells them the most important information about the virtual event. There is also an information booth where attendees can inquire for any type of assistance they might need.


Additionally, there is usually a lounge area as part of the main hall. Here, participants are able to interact with each other. We have integrated multiple social networking capabilities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ...) in order to enable rich communication and to ensure that contacts are not lost once the event is over.


The main hall is also the navigation center for virtual events. From here, attendees can access all other areas of the event, such as a keynote theater with video presentations or an exhibition hall with virtual booths. As the virtual event platform supports events of unlimited size, it is also possible to access further halls and thus adding additional navigation layers for very large events.

Virtual Keynote Theatre

Keynote Theatre

The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event. We support the following video streams: (a) live (studio/conference): video streaming from a location; (b) live (webcam): video streaming with your webcam; (c) pseudo-live: pre-recorded and played at a fixed time; (d) on demand: pre-recorded and played on request.

Each virtual event should include some live or pseudo-live parts, since this strengthens the interaction and produces a real "event feeling" for the participants.

Adjust it to your needs

The virtual auditorium can be tailored to your individual needs: with or without slides, with or without subtitles and translation. Also polls, feedback, or online tests can be integrated.

Lively interaction

In order to enable interaction, you should combine video presentations with chats. Such a chat could start right after the presentation. A moderator could also approve messages of the attendees in a certain sequence to guide the flow of the discussion. Anwers can be given in the group chat or via webcam. The virtual auditorium is mainly used for interaction in a group. Personal interaction is fostered at the virtual booths.

Virtual Exhibition Hall with Booths

In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse through booths. These virtual booths can be adjusted to your corporate identity, and all elements can be more or less emphasized, depending on how you want to present your content.

Live interaction with booth staff

You can also staff each booth with individual contact persons. Avatars of these contact persons appear as soon as they log on to the platform. Every visitor of the booth can simply click on these avatars to start a video-based or text-based chat. The number of staff on a booth is not restricted in any way! A complex algorithm ensures that at any point in time only those avatars are shown on the booth which are currently least busy.


Send us a message via our contact form if you would like to see a demo event on our platform


Why Choose To Work With Us?

Strategic Planning

Partnering with Xerona Nigeria Limited to facilitate your virtual events will aid company strategic planning because of access to instant metadata analyses. For example, events focused on investment and trade will enable our client to know what each potential investor was interested in from the investment/trade show enabling our client to engage in strategic marketing and deliver tailor made information to aid a positive investor decision.


Our Virtual Events platform is highly customizable allowing our clients to have their corporate logos, colour schemes and designs on the Virtual Events dashboard. These customizations will allow participants of any of our clients events to feel like they are experiencing our clients culture. Our competitiors such as Cisco Webex and Skype for example do not allow such customizations and these platforms are not as robust as what we have to offer.


By choosing Xerona Nigeria Limited as your Virtual Events partner, you will be contributing your part to a sustainability. Our clients would be able to limit waste in regards to paper used for printing promotional and training material, waste in regards to the costs involved in transportation by air or by road. Not to mention the carbon emissions that will be saved by having a virtual event. All this has a significant cost saving advantage.


Our Virtual Events platform is web based which means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as a participant has a web enabled smartphone, laptop or device with an internet connection. Our competitior such as Cisco Webex and Skype are software based which means if the device being used by the participant doesnt have the application installed, the participant will not be able to participate in the virtual event. This enables our clients to expand the reach and catchment area of their events.

About Us

We focus on virtual events facilitation and management. Taking traditional events from physical spaces which have numerous limitations to a virtual environment which gives the advantage of expanding the reach and catchment area of participants, accurate tracking of participants, cost savings and sustainability


We are premised on 3 core philosophies; Sustainability, Efficiency and Technology

Our Vision

To contribute our part to a sustainable, innovative and connected world

Our Mission

To provide sustainable and innovative cost effective solutions to solve everyday business issues


Working in partnership with Xerona Nigeria Limited we will be able to offer you the following value proposition with respect to any event you choose to have

1: Expanding the reach of Investment/Trade shows done

Working in partnership with our clients, we will be able provide a platform to reach more potential investors and trade partners because unlike a physical event, a virtual event is not limited by geography, venue space or mobility. Working in partnership, we will be able to invite an unlimited number of participants from around Nigeria, the West African sub region and the world to participate in virtual investment/trade fairs. There will be more participants per event since attending such events will be made easier for participants, increasing the potential of a greater yield of investment from the participants.

2: Creating economies of scale

Working in partnership, we are able to ensure you reap the benefits of economies of scale because of the ability to have participants from across the country, the sub region and the world logging into the platform at a set date and time depending on their time zones participating fully and effectively instead of company or state actor representatives travelling to various locations to facilitate individual investment/trade shows or trainings. This enables our clients to receive significant cost advantages

3: Reduce the cost of facilitating Investment/Trade shows

Along with getting significant economies of scale, our clients will also save significant amounts of money because having a physical investment/trade show or a training means catering to hire venue costs, transport costs, conference/promotional material costs, feeding costs. Partnering with us for your event needs will mean you will not have to consider all these costs and expenses involved in printing out promotional material, cost involved in logistics and the travel costs involved for the facilitators of the event. This will free up resources for other priorities.

4: Give the participants access to On-Demand services

Having an event or training/e-learning session done through a virtual event will allow the same training session to be available on- demand for up to one month after the session has finished. More months can be requested if required. What this does is that participants who were able to participate in the classroom session but want a refresher on a particular concept that was taught 2 weeks down the line will have access to that portion of the classroom session or the whole training session in its entirety. This tool is also useful for participants who were supposed to attend a training session but couldn’t because maybe they were ill. After such a participant recovers. They can still log into the platform and experience the training session exactly how their colleagues experienced it. They will see and hear what the training facilitator said, what questions were asked by their colleagues to the training facilitator and be able to download all the training material.

5: Ability to track attendance of staff/participants

Having a virtual investment/trade show gives the unique advantage of metadata analysis. This essentially means that attendance can be tracked as each participant would have their unique login ID which would usually be their registered email address. Every click is registered by the system allowing our clients to know what exactly each participant was interested in.

2 examples of the benefits of these are as follows;

A: A state actor client having an investment/Trade show. If a participant seemed interested in the Agriculture Sector in the particular state, this would be recorded by the system and a representative of the state could engage in targeted marketing by contacting the participant by phone or email offering more detailed information about the sector and explaining the benefits of them investing in that sector

B: A company such as a Bank having a conference targeting SME’s for example showcasing their bank products. Whatever any participant shows interest in on the show is registered by the system and a representative of the bank can contact the participant and engage in targeted marketing increasing lead conversions

6: Expand the reach of the Trainings/E-learning done

Working with our clients training consultants we will be able to expand the reach of the training/E-Learning sessions for the participants who might not have been able to attend training sessions due to geographical or mobility issues while also reducing traveling expenses substantially. For example a company with a national presence need not have staff based out of their headquarters location can effectively participate in any Training or E-learning session without having to travel across country creating economies of scale with cost advantages. The number of participants you can sufficiently train at a go with a physical training event is limited by the physical space available. By taking some or all trainings into a virtual environment, this limitation does not apply as the number of participants that can be trained at a go is unlimited.


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